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Date February 8, 2021
Category Articles
Avatar Erwin Dey
Date February 8, 2021
Category Articles
Top Reasons Why You Need Managed DNS Hosting

The Domain Name Systems resolve the internet sites’ names with their underlying IP addresses adding efficiency, security, and availability to the whole process. Managed DNS Hosting as a professional third-party service will allow businesses’ resources to perform better, achieve flawless user experience, and be at the top of the online game.
Managed DNS Hosting can be a cost-effective choice for many organizations. If you want to know why you need managed DNS Hosting, this article will help you get through the top five reasons to use cloud DNS Hosting service.

DNS Hosting

A DNS (Domain Name System) is called the Internet’s telephone book. DNS provides the translation of a Domain Name, such as, into a number used by the Internet to direct users’ requests to the required destination. The DNS system allows users to use the creative domain names rather than memorizing a series of numbers.
If a business or person wants to use the Domain Name for email, a website, or application they need DNS Hosting. DNS service translates a Domain Name into an IP, the domain to the IP (Numbers), making the website easily accessible online. It makes it possible to create DNS records like A records, MX records, or CNAME records. A DNS Hosting service will build and provision domain name servers integrated with domain name register, web hosting service, and Internet providers.
Free DNS Hosting services also exist. The DNS network service provides Domain Name System with dynamic/static domain name system resolutions. DNS Hosting can be self-hosted with a single server or related to a third-party DNS Hosting provider with multiple servers in different geographically distributed locations that offer resilience and minimize latency for users across the world. DNS Hosting provides DNS nodes closer to end-users; as a result, the queries will be delivered faster.

Authoritative DNS Servers vs. Recursive DNS Servers

While a computer is looking for the IP address associated with a domain name, the first requests will be sent to a recursive DNS server (recursive resolver), a server operated by an Internet Service Provider (ISP) or a third-party provider. It knows which other DNS servers are needed to resolve a site’s name with its IP address. Those servers with required information are called authoritative DNS servers.

What Is Managed DNS Hosting

Managed DNS is a service that allows companies, businesses, and organizations to outsource DNS to a third-party provider. Managed DNS is where users use authoritative DNS servers hosted by a DNS Hosting service provider to store their authoritative DNS records and enable Internet access to their website. Check out also What Is Managed DNS?
Managed DNS is an advanced service managed by a professional DNS Hosting provider. Like any other managed servers, managed DNS providers will manage business or organization resources, including website, application, and communication. Managed DNS offers several service levels; although the owner has access to a control panel to manage the DNS records, the managed DNS Hosting providers have implemented the technical details and infrastructure.
There are some free managed DNS services available for businesses; if you want to know more about them, we recommend reading Best Free Managed DNS Services.

Why Use A Managed DNS Hosting Provider?

This is a fact that managed DNS Hosting is essential for all organizations pursuing their businesses online. DNS failure will cause applications or websites to perform poorly. It can lead to data unavailability. Hosting your own DNS servers has some significant problems. Most companies and enterprises outsource their IT infrastructure to cloud-based DNS providers like AravnCloud to feel free of the bugs and problems that might happen in the future. Hosting your own DNS servers means that the queries will be resolved from a single physical location. When a user far from your DNS server wants to connect to your website/application, the response will take longer to reach them. In case of a malfunction or unavailability, the server will be down, and you must resolve it and deploy the required fixes. Besides, managing your own DNS server requires updated knowledge and skills to keep up with the latest security solutions and performance features.

5 Reasons Why You Need Managed DNS Hosting

Running a single server is not difficult, but providing a well-designed and redundant system is quite tricky. Assigning the task of managing the DNS to a managed DNS Hosting provider has many benefits. If you wonder why you need managed DNS, the following benefits will provide you with significant reasons to use cloud DNS hosting.

One of the most important benefits of using managed DNS Hosting services is their security options. A reliable managed DNS Hosting provider offers the best security features against any attack. As a DNS Hosting provider, ArvanCloud uses IP anycast and a complex network infrastructure system with geographically distributed Points of Presence worldwide. This process is an advanced routing that offers load balancing, redundancy, lower latency, and the proper response to all the Distributed Denial of Service attacks. DDoS attacks try to overwhelm a system by making its resources unavailable using thousands of forged IPs and spoofing the queries. (Read Types of DDoS Here). Managed DNS Hosting provides a safe redundant service by which the traffic will travel the best way to the destination server by creating a multi-level backup system. Domain Name Server is really important for the web. ArvanCloud managed DNS Hosting service provides advanced security solutions such as rate-limiting, filtering, firewalls, blocking and mitigating DDoS attacks. There will be a team of security professionals enabling multilayer security to ensure all the servers are secured.

Read also: What is DDoS attack and how to protect against it?

The other benefit of using managed DNS Hosting services is speed. While choosing a managed DNS Hosting provider, it is necessary to consider this factor. The better speed of DNS Hosting ensures the low latency between DNS lookup and the Time to First Byte (TTFB), which is measuring the duration from the moment customers request to the moment the first byte if the page received on the screen. This speeding feature happens because of the multiple PoPs distributed geographically in different locations all over the world. This way, the DNS servers will be much closer to the users, and the response time and lookup time will decrease. ArvanCloud managed DNS Hosting service can handle heavy traffic like live streaming from different locations.

The third primary reason why you need managed DNS is reliability. For upbeat businesses, reliability is the most critical factor. When a system is reliable, every detail working together guarantees that nothing can damage the website or application in case of a problem or issue. Reliability is the factor that includes speed, redundancy and security all at once. A reliable managed DNS Hosting eliminates the need for any additional technical infrastructure. The globally distributed servers ensure that there won’t be any point of failure. A reliable, managed DNS Hosting offers an uninterrupted connection.

The perfect reason to use Cloud DNS Hosting is the performance enhancement it offers. A reliable managed DNS Hosting provider provides the highest quality of service to customers. The advanced scale DNS network with multiple Points of Presence, which are geographically distributed worldwide, will accelerate the responding process by sending the requests to the closest and nearest PoP. As a result, significant improvements happen to the way servers perform. ArvanCloud DNS service will respond to DNS requests in less than ten milliseconds with the help of its Authoritative DNS and DNS extensive network.

One of the other critical benefits of using managed DNS Hosting services is the analytics and reports it offers to businesses. These data are valuable to know about the DNS traffic, real-time load, and detailed statistics. When choosing a managed DNS Hosting, considering this feature is a must. ArvanCloud DNS Hosting service allows businesses to monitor the Round-Robin load balancing, accessibility status, and also server health. Other reports are precise details about log generation, monitoring geolocations, usage and downtime trends. These reports and analytics are vital to improving the website/application performance and user experience, reflecting sales and conversion rates.
In addition to the reason mentioned above, It is good to know that one of the crucial reasons to use Cloud-based DNS Hosting is the professional instruments and features for primary and secondary DNS like web/email forwarding, HTTP rest, and more. A reliable, managed DNS Hosting offers the best support and service. The technical team has the required knowledge based on the latest trends to monitor and resolve any issues.


In this article we had a survey through the benefits of using managed DNS Hosting services. If you are searching for new ways to improve the user experience and performance in the competitive world of the Internet and think everyone is always one step ahead of you, check out the ArvanCloud DNS Hosting for a seamless and smooth connection.
Let us show you how a perfect managed DNS Hosting can enhance your professional levels on a universal scale. By selecting to cooperate with a managed DNS Hosting provider like ArvanCloud DNS service, you can take advantage of an unlimited DNS network with multiple points of presence, providing you the fastest and most secure service. With ArvanCloud DNS Hosting, you can check your DNS servers’ details and our expert will resolve and prevent anything from happening.

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