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Date May 15, 2021
Category Articles
Avatar Erwin Dey
Date May 15, 2021
Category Articles

Lately, ArvanCloud CDN was added to the list of CDNs on GTmetrix Analytical Tools. This way, ArvanCloud Content Delivery Network will be specified on the CDN section of the GTmetrix Analytics, and there will be no “Use A CDN” error. Also, it makes it available to check out the “Use of A CDN” score on general GTmetrix Analytics.

The following article will elaborate more closely on GTmetrix Analytical Tool and discuss why using ArvanCloud CDN can be more effective.

What is GTmetrix?

GTmetrix is one of the most popular website performance analytics tools that analyze the different working website performance parameters. It will grade the performance of a website using an average of two percentage-based scores: 0%-100%. Based on its high accuracy, actionable recommendations, and detailed error reports, website administrators can identify the prioritized weak points related to the website loading time and page speed. Resolving the recommendations will improve the user experience and SEO. 

The key feature of GTmetrix’s popularity is that it can be easily operated. All that needs to be done is to enter the website URL, and there will be a list of critical Analytics. The reports are easy to understand and fully descriptive by which resolving the issues will not take long. 

GTmetrix analytics uses different key objectives to carefully analyze and elaborate the structure, function, and performance of a website. If the recommended issues are resolved, including features that have significant importance for search engines like google, such as Core Web Vitals, both SERP ranking and SEO will improve. GTmetrix analysis can also help troubleshoot and resolve the latency of the initial loading time of a website. 

GTmetrix Grade

GTmetrix can be used online without installing any additional applications. Everything is available on the GTmetrix website. Creating an account, utilizing the features, and receiving the reports are free. 

What Are the Different Parameters of GTmetrix Analysis?

GTmetrix analyzes all the key factors which are related to the performance of a website. These factors, such as user experience and performance, are related to loading speed. GTmetrix will analyze the website’s performance and structure based on these factors and identify the issues. Some of the factors analyzed by GTmetrix are as follow:

  • CSS, HTML codes, and website’s JavaScript
  • Optimization of images, fonts, and other graphic items used in the website
  • Using a CDN to distribute the website’s content worldwide
  • Website’s origin server speed while managing the requests

Gtmetrix also analyzes the three crucial Core Web Vitals factors-TBT, LCP, FID. As Google stated, these factors will be essential for SERP ranking and SEO signals in May 2021. The main reason for this change is because of the effects these factors have on the load time, especially the initial loading speed. 

Core web vitals in GTmetrix

The ArvanCloud CDN setting allows users to improve the recommended issues by Gtmetrix and develop better technical performance and smoother user experience. To do so, use “Increasing GTmetrix Score with ArvanCloud.” 

What Are the Advantages of Adding ArvanCloud CDN to GTmetrix?

As mentioned earlier, one of the effective parameters on a website’s grade in GTmetrix is using a content delivery network. This will improve the performance of a website across the global regions. Using a CDN for serving resources to users will directly affect the GTmetrix scores. It means the more cached files on CDN are, the better a website’s performance and score will be. Also, if the served resources to users by CDN are low, the website’s performance and the score will be lower accordingly. 

Gtmetrix uses its CDN lists to identify whether a website is using a content delivery network or not. There is a list of world-recognized CDNs, and if a website’s CDN is on the list, it will receive the specified score automatically. In fact, if the files’ headers patterns are similar to the CDNs patterns, GTmetrix will identify the use of a CDN. Therefore, if a website is using a CDN that is not on the GTmetrix CDNs list, it will encounter an error as below:

GTmetrix CDN Error

For some time, ArvanCloud CDN was not on the GTmetrix CDNs list, and the customers were not able to receive an accurate score on the received analytics. Obviously, they would encounter the error mentioned above. Through a productive discussion with Gtmetix, ArvanCloud received the required level of standard to be on the GTmetrix CDNs list finally. Based on its exceptional performance, increasing the global pop sites, listing on the top 10 of best CDNs worldwide, and with the help of a loyal customer, ArvanCloud CDN is entirely accepted on the Gtmetrix website. From now on, customers can analyze the actual performance of their websites, troubleshoot and resolve the existing issues without any additional requirements. 

If you have not used the ArvanCloud content delivery service yet, you can start using it for free. The “Get Started with ArvanCloud CDN” guidance will help you through it.

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