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Date February 11, 2021
Category Articles
Avatar Erwin Dey
Date February 11, 2021
Category Articles
Top Reasons Why You Need DDoS Protection Service

It is evident that DDoS attacks can cause severe damages. To understand why you need DDoS protection Service, It’s better you know these attacks have become very common that every 23 seconds, one is launched. DDoS attacks are constantly increasing and evolving to contain more advanced methods of attack. A business can hold its ground and prevent DDoS attacks by choosing a DDoS Protection service.
This post will discuss the reasons why every business needs DDoS protection. To begin with, let’s define the DDoS attacks and DDoS protection services.

DDoS Attacks Explained

DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service, which refers to flooding a website with numerous requests during a short time to overwhelming the website and crashing it. These attacks destroy a network by attacking its nodes, blocking the incoming traffic to the website, and causing it to lose confidential data. These attacks are called distributed because they will come from multiple geographical locations at the same time. If a website faces a DDoS attack, it means thousands of requests will be received from different sources over a period of minutes or, in some cases, hours and months. The requests are automated and come from a limited number of sources, which also depend on the attack scale.
A business can be shut down entirely by these attacks. For that, all companies with websites need to prepare themselves to prevent Distributed Denial of Attacks (DDoS). DDoS attacks are not like hacking, but these two can be linked. The DDoS attackers attempt to crash the website and make it vulnerable by sending massive requests. These attacks can be followed by trying to hack when it’s most susceptible and access the website’s files, admin, or customer’s information. Read the article “DDoS Attack In India” to learn more about the DDoS Attacks Trends 2021 and DDoS Attacks Targets. It may sound as if DDoS attacks can’t be avoided, but there are some ways to ensure that if a website is subjected to DDoS attacks, it will continue working and won’t become vulnerable to hackers.
First of all, it is important to know more about the different types of DDoS attacks. Even Though they are less complicated than other cyberattacks, they get stronger and more detailed each day. Knowing the different types of DDoS attacks can give businesses a bigger picture to understand them fully. This subject was covered in one of our articles, “DDoS Attack Types,” which is full of helpful notes to follow. Second, some protection services like the ArvanCloud Cloud Security solution will help businesses with unique and safe DDoS protection. But what is a DDoS service?

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DDoS Service

Once businesses gain a thorough understanding of DDoS attacks, they should be asking themselves what kind of DDoS protection service do we need? There could be two types of DDoS services; DDoS prevention provided by an expert security team and DDoS protection, including security applications.
DDoS prevention services are a managed IT security team offering topnotch security technology and infrastructure with a group of DDoS analysts to prevent, detect, and mitigate DDoS attacks before they could cause any harm to a business. The detection happens in real-time and uses proactive techniques to redirect botnet traffic. DDoS protection services offer cloud-based software tools designed to detect and mitigate DDoS attacks.
Now, which DDoS service do you need? Since these attacks have evolved and can cause tremendous threats, we suggest combining these two DDoS services for the best result. ArvanCloud Security is the best example of a service that has mixed these two methods. ArvanCloud Security service uses cloud-based protection features and specialized network equipment to detect and mitigate attacks before influencing a server.

Why Do You Need DDoS Protection?

Here the top five reasons why you need a DDoS protection service right now.
Advanced DDoS Attacks
Based on recent evidence, DDoS attacks are enhancing both in their number of hours and damage they could cause. This is the primary reason why you need DDoS protection. These attacks are becoming much more advanced that could last even for months. DDoS attacks now have high-volumes based on high-end technologies. Considering this universal resurgence in DDoS attacks along with numerous innovations of tools and techniques by attackers that cause a massive expansion in the range of DDoS attack targets, having a proper DDoS mitigation plan is a must. Due to Covid 19 pandemic and working remotely, DDoS attacks had an increased number. Attackers target remote workers that have patchy networks at home, applying DDoS methods. A professional security plan will help reduce and even eliminate these types of damages.
Businesses Revenue
One of the crucial reasons why you need DDoS protection is that being a victim of a DDoS attack costs a lot. Many famous enterprises became a target of these attacks and faced major financial losses. These attacks lead to the loss of data, assets, and many resources. Considering repairing, rebuilding, and buying new equipment and tools can have a high monetary value. Also, hardware components are expensive to purchase and install. Therefore, having a team of experts on your side who are detecting attacks before causing any damages will save businesses lots of time, effort, and most of the money. Reliable protection services like ArvanCloud Security offer multi-layer security, including DDoS protection, mitigation system, firewall, Web Application Firewall (WAF), and Rate limit.
Brand’s Reputation
It is hard to see a business’s reputation is damaged or destroyed over a night. Cybercriminals are trying to disrupt industries and access customer data. News around DDoS attacks spread quickly, especially those which are related to larger businesses. This can affect brand name and reputation badly, and that is why every business needs DDoS protection ASAP. Offering a secure service is an essential part of gaining customer trust and sustaining confidence in a brand. The customer trust and brand reputation will be damaged and even lost as soon as the website or application is down. Losing brand trust and a powerful image in today’s competitive marketplace is significantly costly and maybe with detrimental side effects.
Customer Experience
Customers are the most critical factors for any business. If the website performance does not live up to the target audiences’ expectation and put them in bad experiences, this would lead to losing the customer base. 404 error, cart abandonment, out-of-stock, and unreachable pages are the issues that can be caused by DDoS attacks. They can have a direct impact on a business image, customer experience, and loss of revenue. Even if a business spends lots of money on marketing campaigns, a broken and untrusted customer network won’t convert to buyers. To ensure and keep the customers loyal in the fiercely competitive industry, a business must opt for a reliable DDoS protection solution.
Employee Data
One of the other reasons why every business needs DDoS protection is such incidents can significantly impact employees. These incidents may contain data loss with long-term financial consequences. In some cases, employees have to miss hundreds of hours of work to restore their identity.


Through this article, we reviewed some of the critical reasons why you need DDoS protection. If a business wants to have a strong online presence, it is important to be prepared for DDoS attacks. Choosing a professional Cloud Security service can take care of all these sorts of demands. This way, a team of expert analysts with the best technology and infrastructure is at your service to prevent costly downtime, reputation damage, and many other negative consequences of different online/network incidents. ArvanCloud Security will implement advanced anycast and GSLB structures to mitigate all types of attacks, including UPD, TCP, ICMP, Layer 3,4, and 7 on DNS service. Click here to find out the incredible features.

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