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Date March 9, 2021
Category Articles
Avatar Erwin Dey
Date March 9, 2021
Category Articles
Why Do You Need VoD or Live Streaming for Your Business?

The new and advanced technology can bring businesses effective advancements at an increasing rate. Business owners will be careful where they invest their money, time, and effort. In 2020 employing live streaming and VoD features is a must. This could be one of the best business moves to make. Live streaming and VoD platforms can help businesses grow their audiences and improve incomes. If you are a business owner, it is time for you to utilize one of these approaches in your marketing strategies to achieve your goals. But why do you need VoD or live streaming? What are the benefits of VoD and live streaming for your business? Who needs VoD or live streaming? Here are a few reasons for using VoD or live streaming to benefit your brand and company.

What is VoD?

Video-on-Demand offers videos to users at their convenience. VoD streaming helps viewers to cheese the best content to watch whenever they want. VoD service can be available on different devices. VoD platforms can be used for movies, tutorials, educational content, and entertainment. A business can use VoD streaming to create unique content that will be available months or years later. It increases the reach of audiences and empowers the customer base. If you are thinking about employing a VoD platform, read this article first: All the Features Required by a VoD Streaming Platform.

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What Are the Benefits of VoD for Your Business?

VoD brings convenience

VoD content can be popularized on the web quickly. Customers can choose different videos in the provided catalog and watch those at their convenience. VoD has no contractual obligation like traditional TV, and it is available anywhere on any device. Viewers can discontinue their subscription at any point with a click of a button. VoD eliminates geographical limits, and users can have access to videos despite their locations. This will increase and empower the viewer base of a business and bring more audience to the club.

VoD Can Be A Source of Passive Income

The subscription model of VoD will bring the same customer for a month-to-month subscription plan. A business can increase the customer with the reference of the current community. By focusing on creating creative content, a brand doesn’t have to worry about the audience base because the lifetime value of VoD content will ensure that. Having a specific platform will help a brand position itself as an authority in the market. Once a brand publishes a series of inspiring content, people will buy them at a premium price. If a brand invests in creating a high-quality VoD platform; as a result, the customers will help it grow the platform even more, each day.

VoD Creates An Online Community

VoD can create a strong sense of community. By dedicating enough time and effort, a business can gather passionate people together, offer them something more than entertainment and let them talk about it. Creating original content and bringing people the topic they love will entertain this community. A business can become instantly wealthy if it invests in unique ideas and engages the audience.

VoD Provide Audience with Variety

Since VoD allows creators to edit the content before distributing it, the result will be much more pleasing for audiences. With VoD, there is plenty of time to record, edit and preview the videos. This VoD content can go viral quickly. Content creators can plan and execute different ideas, employ pre and post-production features and offer high-quality content to customers.

What Is Live Streaming?

Live streaming means the video is streaming in real-time. The viewers of live streaming can watch the video as being created without needing to be recorded before. Live streaming streams content online and simultaneously recorded and broadcasted. The live streaming platform can provide space for TV broadcasts, video games streams, social media videos, announcements, breaking news conferences, festivals, sports events, Q&A sessions and helps a business grow its viewer base in no time.

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What Are the Benefits of Live Streaming for Your Business?

Live Streaming Build Trust Toward Brand and Business

It is valuable to create an edited or polished video, but viewers will understand the live streaming rush. Many audiences like that raw, unedited and unpredictable approach a live streaming video offers. Live streaming greatly shows on-screen talent and authenticity. The authenticity and direct connection increase the level of trust and friendship between the brand and the viewers. Once the viewer’s trust reaches its high level, a brand’s influence will gain huge success in the field. If the live streaming content happens regularly, viewers will feel a strong connection to the brand and will come back every time for more. To know more about a reliable Live Streaming Platform, check out the Must-have Features for Live Streaming Platforms.

Live Streaming Provides Real Engagement

Live streaming content can be unique and desirable. Every moment of the live streaming video is new and never seen before. The immediacy and unpredictability in live streaming nature draw more attention and lead viewers to interact with real-time content. This connection can be by leaving a comment or sharing the video. This will spread the word, and more viewers will join the live streaming and cause the business to grow. This real-time interaction in live streaming creates opportunities for viewers and creators to ask questions and share opinions instantly. This genuine connection will build a relationship between the business and the customer base; the live streaming viewer retention rate is higher than other video content types. People tend to watch live streaming ten times longer than VoD content. Today having constant interaction with the customers through content plays a significant role in achieving more engagement.

Live Streaming Enhance Brand Awareness

Live streaming is a great way to project a company message. Live video, in this case, is a much richer medium. The higher viewer retention rates and stronger engagement live streaming brings unique opportunities to the table. The live streaming video format can be different, like a short announcement, linger show, or content in between. Creating more live streaming video means receiving greater attention for a brand. During the live streaming, the audience can see the real you. For that, it is essential to hire someone with the on-screen talent. A recurring host with an acceptable attitude will soon become everyone’s favorite after a while, and with regular shows, that character becomes a brand representative. This on-screen personality will be related to business personality. Live streaming can transform employees into brand ambassadors. By creating a recognized brand personality, the company becomes more approachable. Customers can put a face on a brand and personify it. A regular live streaming plan will turn a business or brand into a group of real people who customers can talk with, relate to, and see each time. This will ensure a strong relationship and boost brand loyalty.

Live Streaming Contents Are Easier to Produce

Live streaming may seem intimidating for some people. Starting, setting up and going through a live session can be challenging, and something unpredictable can happen, and many things can go wrong. But the fact is, if you take care of the basics of live streaming, it gets much more comfortable. The live streaming process soon becomes a habit. Having a permanent studio and a creative group to develop ideas is the best way of successful live streaming. Live streaming doesn’t need much post-production process, and it will save both money and time. Once a live streaming video is finished, it becomes VoD content that can be reused and repurposed in most cases.

Live Streaming Help Brands Understand the Audiences

Live streaming makes it possible to test different ideas. It makes it easier to judge a subject by the viewership, engagement, and feedback received during the live stream. Out there. There is no need to put much effort into video production in live streaming, yet the video will still get there. With a constant live steaming pan and studying the results, a brand can find out the audiences’ interest. This way, a business will find the videos that attracted the most live viewers, and if it is possible, it can continue exploring those subjects. Live streaming videos help brands to gather ideas from the audiences. The instant feedback that comes with lice streaming can direct the brands to the people’s honest opinions about the existing products, services, issues, or requests for plans.

Who Needs VoD Or Live Streaming?

If your business needs live intention, live streaming is the best choice. Consider using live streaming for product launches, events, webinars, and you will benefit from viewers’ real-time interaction. Your customer will be a part of this experience, and they can ask their questions. Live streaming allows them to offer longer videos. If your business needs a more extended amount of time to connect to audiences, live streaming is perfect. In the end, the live video can be shortened and uploaded as VoD. If your business has a long-term plan for creating content regularly, live streaming can provide you with this opportunity.

If your business is dependent on adding higher production value, images, charts and graphic features, VoD will be the better choice. If your business plans on making more creative videos in a shorter amount of time, VoD will help you achieve your goals. If the video needs further editing, VoD gives you this feature to add more engaging elements to your videos and entertaining audiences. With specific and to-the-point content VoD will bring value to many viewers, increasing brand authority. If you still have doubts about this, the article, Live Streaming vs. VoD, Which One Will You Need, will answer all your questions about this subject.

Wrap Up

Live streaming gives businesses an unlimited opportunity to get online and start growing. VoD helps enterprises to focus on longevity and increasing reach for long-term assets. Using both services will help businesses create comprehensive approaches to earn more money, engage audiences, and enhance brand awareness. ArvanCloud offers both Video-on-Demand and Live Streaming services, giving you the chance to choose whatever works for your business at any time. Check out our special features.

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