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Date May 5, 2021
Category Articles
Avatar Erwin Dey
Date May 5, 2021
Category Articles
Why Is A CDN Critical for Live Streaming?

If you wonder why a CDN is critical for live streaming, let us remind you that we live in a revolutionary digital world, which is all about speed and connection. In such a situation creating a positive viewer experience is the priority of online video broadcasting. Delivering a clean viewing experience is what brings businesses effectiveness and flawless reputations.
Imagine watching a low-quality stream; how does it feel? Indeed, investing in professional equipment like cameras, microphones, and lightning will enhance quality, but there must be some additional support when it comes to streaming live video.
In this article, we will take a look at an amazing invention: CDN live streaming. We will talk about CDN video streaming, the benefits of using a CDN for live streaming, and to top it all, help you choose the best CDN streaming solution for your business.

CDN Video Streaming

A Content Distribution Network (CDN) is a set of systems, including various servers located over different geographical regions delivering media (text, image, video, etc.) to users worldwide.

The CDN distributed network of servers will cache and serve content received from the origin server. This will speed up the performance because these geographically distributed servers are linked via high-speed internet cables. When a user requests a query, the data will be sent from the closest CDN server. It no longer has to travel all the way to the origin server.
CDNs are critical for video streaming since they allow a business to offer high-quality video content to users everywhere.
Video Streaming CDN, as a collection of servers with geographically distributed locations, will send content from the video host to the closest server, then from that server to another, until the video reaches the viewer’s screen with the highest quality. These servers are known as Internet Exchange Points, which are strategically placed to reduce the video’s transmission time. Therefore, a video content stream will be delivered as close to real-time as possible because it cuts down on round-trip time (RTT) to and from the origin server.
Viewers will get the live stream from the CDN cache instead of from the origin server. Accordingly, when a user requests the video, the CDN video streaming server nearest to that user’s location provides the requested content, speeding delivery and improving the viewing experience’s quality. This is why CDN is critical for live streaming. High-quality CDN video streaming solutions like ArvanCloud CDN can revolutionize the entire process for a business and its viewers.

Why Use a CDN for Live Streaming?

Generally speaking, the CDNs are important for delivering high-quality streams and ensuring the best viewer experience, but one might wonder why CDN is critical for live streaming, particularly?

CDNs live streaming importance lies in the fact that live streaming is a demanding bandwidth-intensive process. Since the video files are large and can overload slow internet connections, maintaining quality content is not only related to professional physical equipment. Using a CDN live streaming platform will reduce problematic issues such as buffering or lagging incidents by sending the video content to the servers rather than directly to viewers. Those servers will distribute the content based on location, speed, and users.
If a business wants to live up to the advanced technology and meet the live streaming demands of end-users, CDNs are the key.

End-users are expecting high-quality content with lightning-fast delivery. Once the live stream lags or delays, users will leave; they won’t wait for it to become better and they definitely will change the stream. Using CDN with edge computing and data storage will bring the content closer to users. By decentralizing processing, CDN streaming will save bandwidth and improve the response time simultaneously.

Many CDNs for live streaming have optimized infrastructure, which will speed up access to information. As a result, the data access costs for enterprises will be reduced. CDNs are essential for live streaming because they will grow a business’ viewership. CDN live streaming allows a business to scale. A business without a proper CDN for live streaming is absolutely risking latency, security flaws, and remaining small.

To grow as a business, you want to choose a high-tech online video streaming service to provide a network of servers storing your data and offering a robust network connection so that the viewers can access videos smoothly and quickly. Using a secure live Streaming Platform like ArvanCloud, you will guarantee your growth and success.

What Are the Benefits of Using a CDN for Live Streaming?

A CDN hosting server will ease the process of delivering video streams from the origin server to end-users. When the workload is shared between distributed servers across network scalability, viewership and quality will increase. Some of the major benefits of using a CDN for live streaming are as follow:


The scalability is considered the most significant advantage of using CDN live streaming. The intended content will be shared with an unlimited number of viewers anywhere without crashing, disrupting the servers or overloading machines by increasing scalability and resilience.


CDN provides users with the best user experience. CDN streaming will reduce buffering, delays, and lagging by bypassing any traffic as quickly as possible.


CDN will offer an additional layer of security through redundancy. Using CDN makes it possible to prevent distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS). This mostly happens when a resource is flooded and overloaded with simultaneous requests. CDN can manage failovers in case of any issues.


The distance between an origin server and end-users adds latency to the internet connection. Using live streaming CDN with its widely distributed networks of servers will increase the access speeds of users. A viewer’s request will be routed automatically to the closest server. This is called the CDN edge server.


Using CDN will reduce costs and technical expenses. Building your global network and hosting it requires plenty of hardware, electric costs, maintenance, etc., but with a dedicated CDN live streaming platform, most of the job is done for you.

How Does ArvanCloud CDN Accelerate Live Streaming?

Using a Live Streaming Platform such as ArvanCloud, which is integrated with CDN, is the safest way to access high-end CDN service. ArvanCloud CDN Video Streaming solutions are more feature-rich, affordable, and practical. CDN Video Streaming from ArvanCloud offers:

  • Accelerating content delivery
  • Compatible with All Devices and Browsers
  • Highest Quality Live Streams for Any Internet Speed
  • Unbuffered Broadcasting All Over the World
  • Ensuring Security and Improving Reliability
  • Reducing the Complexity of Managing CDN
  • High-performance and Professionally-built Servers
  • Reducing Attendant Costs
  • 24/4 Support

In this article, we tried to offer you a better understanding of why CDN is critical for live streaming by exploring the CDN video streaming and CDN live streaming features. With CDN for live streaming, online video distribution won’t be challenging. A broadcaster or business can gain engaging audiences easily. Live streaming CDN ensures that your content never encounters any disruption, low speed, delay, or bumps. A live streaming platform integrated with CDN will also plan the best load balancing process to prevent server overloading. If you are still wondering how streaming with an online video platform paired with a powerful CDN will work, contact us.

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