The Cloud Compute service pricing is calculated in a linear model and based on the allocated and used resources. All the calculations are based on an hourly basis and only the hourly usage of each server is calculated. Unlike many cloud service providers, Arvan server costs are not based on pre-defined plans, but based on the user’s precise requirement.
The costs of cloud compute are based on variables such as CPU, RAM, storage, used network traffic in the network on the internet, and the number of used IP addresses.

CPU Cost

The first vCPU for each server is free, and the cost for more than one vCPU for each server will be calculated as described below:

CPU Cost Cost per Hour Monthly Cost
First vCORE Free Free
Per extra vCore 0.005 € 3.520 €

RAM Cost

The RAM costs are described in the chart below.

RAM Cost Cost per Hour Monthly Cost
Per gigabyte RAM 0.003 € 2.00 €

Block Storage

For each cloud server you can create or add one or multiple block storages.

Block Storage Cost Cost per Hour Monthly Cost
Hot Disk 0.0175 cent € 0.126 €
Warm Disk 0.01 cent € 0.072 €
Cold Disk 0.0055 cent € 0.040 €

Network and Internet Bandwidth

Your bandwidth usage is calculated based on your local network traffic usage and your Internet traffic usage and they are calculated with an incremental model during each month.

1 GB Traffic Cost Local Network Traffic Internet Traffic
Up to 10 TB monthly usage Free Free
Next 40 TB Free 0.009 €
More Usage Free 0.0085 €

IP Address

Each cloud server could have a free IPv4. For more usage monthly and linear IP costs will be included.

IP address cost for a cloud server (1 month) Monthly Cost
First IPv4 Free
Extra IPv4 1.00 €
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Cloud Computing
Choose your plan
Basic server
5.238 €
Per month
Classic server
19.44 €
Per month
High performance server
56.88 €
Per month
Fast server
90.00 €
Per month
Choose vCore, RAM, Disk and Traffic
CPU Core: 1 Core
1 Core
32 Core
1 GB
64 GB
Block Storage: 25 GB
25 GB
1000 GB
Internet Traffic: 10 TB
10 TB
500 TB