VoD Platform

The Video Platform’s pricing calculation is not based on a basic plan, but based on a linear model and 3 parameters of storage usage, outgoing traffic and number of secure requests.

Video Storage

The volume of stored videos on cloud storage is calculated in gigabytes.

Video Storage for 1 Gigabyte Usage in 1 Month
First 10 Gigabytes Free
Per extra Gigabyte 0.10 €

Number of Secure Requests

This will be calculated based on the secure link feature. Using this feature is not mandatory and if you don’t use it, the cost of your normal requests (HTTP or GTTPS) will be free.

Secure request (using secure link) per secure request
Per thousand request 0.010 €

Used Traffic

Arvan servers platform use CDN by default, and deliver distributed, high speed traffic to the users. The pricing of this section is similar to the outgoing traffic in CDN.

Outgoing traffic per 1 Gigabyte usage in a month
Iran Traffic Europe and US Traffic China and Other
First 20 Gigabytes Free Free Free
Next 100 Gigabyes 0.030 € 0.040 € 0.040 €
Next 500 Gigabyes 0.028 € 0.040 € 0.040 €
Next 1 Terabyte 0.025 € 0.040 € 0.040 €
Next 10 Terabyte 0.023 € 0.040 € 0.040 €
Next 50 Terabyte 0.020 € 0.030 € 0.035 €
Next 100 Terabyte 0.015 € 0.025 € 0.030 €
Next 500 Terabyte 0.013 € 0.020 € 0.025 €
More Traffic 0.010 € 0.015 € 0.020 €


The number of web-based requests issued by the users (viewers), and the responded requests by the CDN edge servers in HTTP or HTTPS format is calculated in this section. The first 20K requests for each domain in each month is free.

HTTP/HTTPS Request for 10,000 requests / month
The First 20,000 Requests Free
More Usage (10K Request) 0.001 €

Parallel Convert

Your videos will be converted one at a time and the rest will be queued until the conversion of the first video is finished. Based on your preference, you can change this limit and use the “concurrent converting” feature. This feature will allow you to convert up to 3 videos simultaneously.
The cost for this feature is based on the duration of all the videos being simultaneously converted. The cost for simultaneous converting of videos is 2 Euro per 1 hour video duration.
For example if two videos with 30 minutes duration are being converted simultaneously, the overall cost will be 2 Euro.

Custom Exclusive Domain Name

Your videos are hosted by Arvan subdomains by default. If you want your video to be hosted on your custom domain, the followig cost applies:

Exclusive Custom Domain in one month
Per Domain 490 €
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Choose your plan
Personal website
Commercial website
4.99 €
Per month
Pro website
49.99 €
Per month
Source website
499.99 €
Per month
Choose live streaming duration, incoming bitrate and outgoing quality
Storage: 10 GB
10 GB
10 TB
Used Traffic: 20 GB
20 GB
500 TB
Secure Request : 0
Parallel Convert : 0