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Feel More Secure

Feel More Secure

Cloud Security
With ArvanCloud Cloud Security solutions you will be more secure against cyber attacks
Arvan cloud security solutions

Comprehensive Cloud Security Solution Against Cyberattacks

ArvanCloud uses cutting edge technology in cyber security to protect your website against all sorts of threats including hacking attempts and DDoS attacks without the need of purchasing extra hardware equipment.

ArvanCloud Cloud Security solution covers a wide range of security services including DDoS protection, mitigation system, firewall, Web Application Firewall (WAF), and Ratelimit.

10 100 500 1000 1500 2000 Gbps
ArvanCloud’s capacity to fend off DDoS attacks
The most destructive attacks on websites during the past 5 years
The required bandwidth to cause on your website out of service

Some of the most common
DDoS attacks

DNS Flood

In this type of attack, the attackers send a great number of valid but redundant DNS requests, exhausting your DNS server resources, and rendering the server unable to process the requests of ordinary users.

UDP Amplification

One of the most dangerous Denial of Service attacks in which the attacker sends a large number of illigitimate packets with forged source IP to the address of the victim from different computers and servers. As a result, all these computers send their response back to the address of the victim whose system will be flooded with countless data packets. Consequently, the victim’s bandwidth and other resources are wasted.

HTTP Flood

The most sophisticated type of DDoS attack is "layer-7" type, in which several thousands of infected systems, including personal computers, various servers, devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT), closed-circuit cameras (CCTV), or even badly configured home internet modems, launch a barrage of legitimate-looking but fake requests against a certain website, resulting in the squandering of server resources and subsequently the website goes out of service.

ArvanCloud takes advantage of advance anycast structure as well as GSLB structure to mitigate all sorts of attacks on DNS service, UDP, TCP and ICMP in layers 3, 4, and also the complex layer 7 attacks.


ArvanCloud Firewall allows you to define your security rules in a cloud environment. It helps you to manage your content with the highest level of security by imposing different types of restrictions.
Prioritize Defined Rules
Restriction Based on Country or City
URL Restriction
IP Restriction


ArvanCloud Web Application Firewall is in charge of detecting and repelling traditional and complex attacks. The feature fends off many of the most advanced cyberattacks without the need for any technical knowledge or complicated settings on user's side.

arvan security waf status map
Average number of ArvanCloud covered websites attacked during the past 7 days
20 %
of websites are under attack on a monthly basis
Simulation Mode
Ability to analyze and monitor requests, before activating the firewall
Sensitivity Configuration
Managing the rules and configuring the system’s sensitivity
SQL Injection Protection
Ability to repel SQL injection attacks and WAF bypass methods
Preventing General Attacks
Defense against common attacks such as RFI, LFI, Injection and...
Malicious XSS Code Protection
Defense against script-code injection on the user's side or Cross-Site Scripting
Malicious Bot Protection
Defense against scanners, malicious bots and web crawlers
Blocking Extra-Http Requests
Blocking requests exceeding the standard format

Minimum Delay for Users and Faster Updates

Less than 300 ms
WAF rule’s update time worldwide
Less than 1 ms
Delay in browsing websites
arvan cloud security restriction feature

Access Restriction

Implement any integrated or specific restriction for your users. You can also target this restriction for a certain segment of IPs.
Request Restriction
Connection Restriction
Restriction of Specific IP connection

Attack Analytics and Reports

Attackers IP Report
Attack type Details
Type of Vulnerability Report
Geolocation Attack Report
Vulnerable URL Report
Choose your plan
Bronze Plan
Silver Plan
9.90 €
Per month
Gold Plan
29.90 €
Per month
Platinum Plan
99.00 €
Per month
DDoS Protection level, Firewall Status, Ratelimit, and Web Application Firewall of the selected plan
DDoS protection
WAF (Web Application Firewall)