برای ورود به صفحه‌ی فارسی وب‌سایت ابر آروان کلیک کنید

The present agreement of service quality level (“SLA”) constitutes a legally binding contract between an individual user ("You") and “ArvanCloud” individually identified as a party and collectively identified as parties. This Service Level Agreement complement and amend the Service Terms and Condition and by agreeing to each of these documents you also agree and give consent to the other one. If you do not agree with all or any of the provisions included in the SLA, you shall not have the right to use the Services.


Thirty-Day Period: Shall mean every 30 days cycle starting from the initial day of payment.

Monthly Charge: Shall mean sums paid in form of Service Fee and in exchange for Services undertaken by ArvanCloud.

Penalties: If the Service fails to meet the above service level, the Customer will receive a credit equal to the result of the Service Credit calculation in Sched of this SLA.

Monthly Uptime Guarantee: means standards ArvanCloud chooses to adhere to and by which it measures the level of service it provides. For most services this standard includes 99.99% uptime unless otherwise provided.

Downtime: are those interruptions to the Service that have not been previously communicated to You and that result in the Your application being unavailable to its customers or users. Downtime shall not include downtime minutes resulting from planned downtime or downtime cause by Force Majeure.

Service Guarantee

ArvanCloud will use commercially reasonable efforts to guarantee a monthly uptime level of 99.99% within every 30-days period. In case ArvanCloud fails to meet the following guarantee for reasons not excluded herein, ArvanCloud shall compensate you in accordance with schedule A. To claim a downtime you may contact

Compensation calculation

Based upon duration of Downtime for each Thirty-Day Period ArvanCloud will provide you with Service Credit an amount calculated as described in Schedule A

Compensation Claim

You may submit a ticket in ArvanCloud’s user panel within 20 day after occurance of Downtime with compelling evidence. If ArvanCloud’s support team determines that the Downtime were occurred, based on the criteria set forth herein, they will compensate You.

SLA Exclusions

This SLA does not apply nor may called upon in cases:

  • Due to factors outside ArvanCloud’s reasonable control such Force Majeure, telecommunications infrastructure, difficulties in routing and pathfinding by ISPs, and other failures beyond ArvanCloud’s control;
  • That resulted from Your’s or third party hardware or software;
  • That resulted from actions or inactions of You or third parties;
  • Of which relates to violation of applicable terms of service.

Schedule A:

No. Measured Monthly Uptime Service Credit
1 Less than 99.99% and Greater than 99.90% 500%
2 Less than 99.90% and Greater than 99.70% 700%
3 Less than 99.70% and Greater than 99.00% 900%
4 Less than 99.00% 1000%