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Caching Setting in ArvanCloud User Panel

In this page you can make changes in your account’s caching setting.

The different sections of this page are described in detail in this article.

Caching Mode

Ignore QueryString: This mode ignores the query strings in the addresses and caches all the addresses without query string.

Apply QueryString: this mode, considers any address with a Query String as a different one and caches it separately.

Apply QueryString + Cookie: this mode considers any address with a Query String as a separated address and caches it separately. You can indicate a variable in a cookie and define a different cache for different quantities of that variable.


Deleting Cached Data

By clicking the blue button “Specific URL Purge”, you can selectively delete your cached files.

enter an address in each field in order to delete the cache in addresses.

Using the “Purge all” button, all the cached data on ArvanCloud Server will be removed and will be cached upon the first request again.


Cache All Files

By activating this feature, all requests, files and addresses (static or dynamic) will be cached on ArvanCloud servers. Exceptions can be seen in “Exception rules”

If you have an online store or a website that shows different content to different users, activating this feature is not recommended. You can use this feature by changing your programming (using iframe or Ajax)

Cache time in Browser

In this section you can define the time that your files are chased in the browser or disable it or set it on default mode to be cached based on server settings.


Applying Domain Name and Subdomain in Caching Data

By turning on this feature, a unique address with 2 different subdomains will be taken and cached.

IF this feature is disabled, the subdomains’ different will not be considered in caching.

Permanent Access

Activating this feature, when the website is out of reach or offline, displays the most recent website content to the user while the website was stable and online.

This feature can be only used if you have given the caching permission of that page.


Developement Mode

Activating this feature prevents data caching, making it easier for developers to see their implemented changes. Also the acceleration settings will be disabled.


Automatic Caching of Pages

Using this feature, you can cache your pages without the user’s first request.

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